TuCloud – A different cloud


Imagine having a private, optimised and improved “cloud” for business use thereby guaranteeing complete security for all the information it contains, preventing any possible leaks and document disclosure by third parties or by your own employees. You don’t need to imagine it any more, that product is here now.

Under your control

Unlike other services that try to imitate TuCloud, all the functions of this system will belong to you, everything in your hand and under your control, meaning that you can safely control your own business.


Everything is as easy as can be with a unified and intuitive work environment, after installation in two simple steps, the product will be 100% fully functional regardless of the system currently in place at your company. All done automatically.

A completely different cloud in your hands

Look what TuCloud can store

Thousands of Documents
Thousands of Contacts
Hundreds of Songs
Hundreds of Images


“This is just what I needed for my document management”

Antonio Ramírez

“Helps us get closer to our customers”

Rodrigo García

“Brings all of my branch offices together”

Mohamed Ragnak

All your information is completely in your hands


TuCloud — WAETIC
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(+34) 926 513 317 - (+34) 926 510 799

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